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Two-Way Trust between Identity Provider and Relying Party – a solution walkthrough

This article is the second part in a two-part series about Identity Federation. For the first part, see this post. In the solution walkthrough below, the Identity Provider is referred to as "Company IDP," and the Relying Party is called "Company RP." Company RP licenses their cloud-based product to Company...
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Two trust models in Identity Federation

Identity federation is a key part of interconnecting disparate systems. This article focuses on a cornerstone of identity federation, which is the delegation of user authentication, and this aspect is examined in light of the trust that must exist between identity-federated systems: unidirectional trust in some cases, and bidirectional in others. Identity Federation at its most...
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Migrating a SQL Server database to Windows Azure

The cloud services available in Windows Azure make a compelling case for their use. Redundancy, scalability, quick-to-market provisioning, and secure, available-anywhere accessibility combine to set the high bar established by cloud computing in general. Organizations must look for ways to avoid hardware and software management, and cloud platforms like Windows Azure provide this way out. The...
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